Why Acting?

“Why acting? What inspires you to pursue acting? Isn’t it a tough career?” I get asked these thought-provoking questions now and then in casual conversations. Honestly, I didn’t have meaningful answers to these questions when I first pursued acting in 2010. My response was simple then and it went something like this, “It’s fun and I enjoy it.”

Fast forward to today, acting to me is more than just entertainment and a passion. Acting connects directly to my core values: Inspire, Influence, and Impact. There’s a strong correlation between acting and my values. Acting is an art — the art of telling stories in a visual and riveting way. Therefore, effective story telling has the power to inspire changes, the power to influence people and circumstances, and the power to create lasting impact. I pursue acting because it enables me to actualize these values.

Acting is not easy and glamorous. Personally, it’s by far one of the most challenging endeavors. It’s tough in a sense that you’ll subject yourself to endless criticisms, rejections, and judgment. A career in acting is definitely not recommended for the faint of heart. This is why it’s critically important to have a clear purpose and stay connected with it when times are tough.