About Jimmy

Jimmy is a Vietnamese-American actor. He’s fluent in Vietnamese and English. See IMDB¬†profile.

When Jimmy was five, he escaped from war-torn Vietnam via fishing boat with his mother and two brothers. The family wound up in the projects in Oakland, living on food stamps and trying to avoid the endemic gangs and gun violence. His family stood in lines at local churches for food during Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving holidays.

Growing up as an immigrant in an underserved and underprivileged community, Jimmy aspired to achieve the American Dream and move his family out of the ghetto. After graduated from UC Davis with a bachelor’s degree and University of San Francisco with a master’s, Jimmy actualized his dream by living and leading a quality, purposeful, and meaningful life now in San Francisco with his family.

Jimmy involved in acting after enrolled in an improvisation class through BATS Improv in 2010. He continued to hone his craft through taking courses with a focus on in front of camera and theater. He played lead role for independent short films, such as The Arrangements and Fairy Tale Next Door. He recently played Ignacio in the Anon(ymous) play written by Naomi Litzuka through City College of San Francisco.